Your first recruitment system should be simple.

Recruitment and hiring in traditional HR systems can be expensive, complicated, time consuming and inefficient.

The benefit for HiTalento customers is, that we make it simple to manage open positions, receive applications and hire the right skills GDPR compliant. Our system is made so simple, so intuitive, that the business owner, the manager and the employee understand it right away. Simplicity is our biggest differentiator.

We have cut away almost every feature in the traditional HR-system. You cannot register absence, holiday, manage payroll, employee performance or facilitate career planning in our system.

But with a few clicks you have a simple GDPR compliant cloud tool that automates the essentials of any recruitment. Therefore, our price is a fraction of the competitors, as we only focus on 1 core problem – and not all the problems an HR department in larger companies is set to solve.

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Save time and hire the right people  | HiTalento

Save time and hire the right people

Easy solution to manage positions and candidates  | HiTalento

Easy solution to manage positions and candidates

Receive applications GDPR compliant | HiTalento

Receive applications GDPR compliant

To ask your applicants on your website to send their CV and a motivated application to job@yourcompany is time consuming

If you want to be GDPR compliant in just a few clicks?

But this is what almost every startup, small and midsize company do. This is also what many of our current customers used to do. Why? Because until HiTalento there hasn’t been a simple, affordable no-nonsense tool to solve the GDPR problem and automate hiring and recruitment in small and midsize companies, with 2-20 recruitments per year.

HiTalento is so simple that you can get started and become GDPR compliant in just a few clicks.

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