The railroad of recruitment

In the process of recruiting new candidates for an open position, it can be very beneficial to take a closer look at the candidate’s application journey and consider it from their point of view – this is where the railroad of recruitment comes in!

There are four main stops on the candidate’s journey, each just as important as the next. Through this journey, the candidate will inevitably meet and interact multiple times with your employer brand.

  Attraction Street


The first stop, Attraction Street, can be reached through three key elements: awareness, consideration, and interest. Without these, the candidate might never make it to the Attraction Street. The main strategy to consider at this stage, is your recruitment marketing strategy.

Specifically, take a closer look at questions like: What should the candidates think of your company as a workplace? Why should they apply to your position and not another company’s?


These are all questions that you should answer with the goal of attraction in mind. Making them aware of your company’s values allows them to consider a job opportunity with you and piques their interest in you.

And remember; the less time your company spends on recruitment marketing, the less time a potentially perfect candidate will spend applying for a position – so it will always be a great investment of time!

        Application Central


Great news! At Application Central, a candidate has decided to apply to one of your open positions.

Now, depending on your choices as a recruiter, the candidate will have to go through different steps in the application process. Here, it is important to consider how you would rather receive the application.

Naturally, our preference would be through a recruitment software with a customized career page, so you can easily review each candidate.

This is also beneficial for the candidate; a quick and simple application form will make the application process smooth and the candidate confident that they applied correctly.

  Hiring Station


Reaching Hiring Station can be a bumpy ride. If you have successfully marketed your company as the ideal workplace and attracted a bunch of candidates to enter Application Central, good job! But now, it has become decision time.

This is a stop, where you know better than anyone else, how you would like to proceed. It depends on each company, each department, and even each person.


An example would be to collect a few candidates in a shortlist and schedule them for interviews, skill testing, or even a quick phone call. From here, some will be selected for additional interviews, and some will be sorted out.

In whichever way you choose, you have (hopefully) found your perfect candidate and you can drive on to the last stop of the railroad of recruitment!

  Post-recruitment Point


Time for on-boarding!
Make sure that your new colleague is warmly welcomed and that their initial attraction to your company is quickly validated. They should feel like the company they saw in through your online employer branding comes alive when they step through the door.

Also remember to alert the candidates, who didn’t make the cut. Depending on how far they got on the railroad of recruitment, their rejection should be increasingly detailed and justified. Your goal is to leave them with a positive impression.

Congratulations on your successful hire!

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