What is employer branding?

Put simply, employer branding is a cool word for how companies market themselves as an attractive workplace.

Some might call it an image or a reputation. The ideal has many names, but employer branding has proven to be an effective tool in many contexts – including recruitment!

Why should I use employer branding? 

There are many good reasons for that! But in relation to recruitment we have found 4, that we consider the most important:

 Uniform and attractive communication, that will attract more candidates

More successful recruitments

 Fewer expenses per recruitment

 Shorter hiring process

As a complete package, employer branding will help your company present itself as an attractive workplace and also bring a large pile of valuable benefits.

How do I get started? 

We’re glad you’re asking! After all, recruitment with employer branding is our specialty. In 24 hours, we will develop a career site based on your existing visual identity. This way, you can quickly get started with effective recruitment.

Simple, right?

Step 1 - 30 min. online meeting | HiTalento

Step 1 – 30 min. online meeting

Step 2 - 24 hours of waiting | HiTalento

Step 2 – 24 hours of waiting

Step 3 - Ready-to-fly career site | HiTalento

Step 3 – Ready-to-fly career site

Recruit with employer branding

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