What is recruitment marketing? 

A strategy that can help companies attract, retain and involve talents before applying to a job position. This can be through social media marketing and online and offline events – like recruitment days and training days at the office.

Why should I use recruitment marketing? 

There are several great reasons why you should develop a recruitment marketing strategy. Here are 3 main ones:

 Reaching new talents who don’t know you or your product

 To help determine who the ideal candidate for your company is

 Showing off how cool your workplace is (for this one, also check out our employer branding resource)

How do I get started?

HiTalento is here for you! We are specialized in recruitment marketing and we are here to give you specific advice for your company. This way, your company will look attractive to talents that will be more confident and ready to join your team!

Easy, right?

Step 1 - 30 min. online meeting | HiTalento

Step 1 – 30 min. online meeting

Step 2 - 24 hours of waiting | HiTalento

Step 2 – 24 hours of waiting

Step 3 - Ready-to-fly career site | HiTalento

Step 3 – Ready-to-fly career site

Get started with recruitment marketing

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