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Stop looking. You’ve just found the easiest recruitment solution for small and midsize enterprises. HiTalento is simplified, fast and effective global recruitment with no superfluous features, no strings attached and no complex, overpriced systems, or training. Try for free or pay as you go. Either way, you’re a few clicks away from finding the right person for the job. It’s just that simple.

    It’s simple,


    More applicants is more talent to choose from

    HiTalento makes it incredibly fast and easy for talent to apply from anywhere. In fact, you could receive 3 times more qualified applications – from a more diverse and international talent pool – making it just as fast and easy for you to find and hire the best candidate.

    Our secret is in the software. HiTalento is extremely user-friendly and requires no training. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Business owner, the manager, or an employee – HiTalento works for everyone. (And should you need us anyway, support is friendly and free)

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    HiTalento is an intuitive cloud-based tool with one simple purpose — to recruit. We’ve automated the essentials, making any recruitment and selection process faster, easier, and more effective. You are in fact just a few clicks and a quick talk away from getting 3 times more applicants for your open positions.

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    Hotel Nordlandet

    “We’ve tried everything before, all job markets and nothing has worked as well as HiTalento.”

    Anne Bruun Jessen, Kitchen Chef

    Samsøe Samsøe

    “We are happy cooperating with Hitalento, it´s a young and dynamic team and very supportive. We´ve already learnt new ways for recruiting, even though we are new customers.”

    Sonan Malik, Head of HR


    “The quality of the matches between the applicants and us increased tremendously, so that we swiftly and efficiently could find the right candidate for the position. The system is easy to manage, for both us and the applicants.”

    Lasse Bøegh Henckel, Creative nerd

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    a professional career page.

    Strong brands and values attract awesome employees, and we can create customized career pages in 24 hours.
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