Career environment

The first impression

First impressions matter! Let us help you attract top talent with a career environment that showcases your company's culture and values.

Smile and say hi!

Making a good first impression is key. To start off on the right foot, you want to show your workplace, flaunt your company culture, and snag the top talent with successful employer branding.

Show the personality of your company

Present your workplace in a positive and perfect your employer branding so you make a lasting impression on potential candidates.

Get a thought-out applicant journey

An easy and simple applicant journey makes it possible for candidates to apply wherever and whenever they want.

Have everything created for you

At HiTalento, we create your career environment and make sure that your company makes a flawless first impression.

Your brand material

Simply gather your key branding materials like your logo, brand colors, and some photos, and send them over to our designers. 

We’ll take it from there and create a stunning career page for you in no time.

Brand material - first impression

Take a break

Grab a coffee and spend your time elsewhere for 24 hours until we have created your new career environment.

clock - time

Start recruiting

You’re ready! Let us post your open positions for you and start recruiting right away.

Would you like to make it even easier? Request a HiBoost and experience how our talent marketing can target and attract an even larger and more qualified candidate pool.

talent marketing - first impression

A selection of first impressions

Enjoy this selection of career environments and book a demo to get yours!

Ready to elevate your recruitment?

Say goodbye to complicated recruitment processes and hi to efficiency! HiTalento takes care of all the tedious work so you can focus on what’s important; shortlist, interview, and hire.