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There are no stupid questions at HiTalento. Find answers to the most common questions here or call us anytime! We love explaining how we help our users hire faster with HiBoost by HiTalento.

What determines the choice of HiBoost package is the difficulty level of the current position. Usually, our new customers have recruited and tried various things before us, so they already know which positions they have the hardest time attracting qualified applicants for. In other words, we are at the forefront of marketing aimed at passive candidates, who constitute 80%-90% of the target audience.

HiBoost er a modern data-driven talent marketing product that provides users with more qualified applicants. With HiBoost, you get more and better applicants because we are among the best at job advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Success is when users who purchase HiBoost hire the best candidate faster. Currently, HiBoost has a success rate of 90%.

No, definitely not. We have examples of users who only purchase HiBoost job advertising for the most challenging positions, and we also have users who purchase HiBoost for all positions to ensure that they are selecting from a large and strong pool of candidates. On average, a HiTalento user purchases HiBoost for a little over half of their job openings.

It varies from position to position and from country to country. In HiBoost talent marketing campaigns, we can see that approximately 2 out of 3 of the candidates hired by users come from passive channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Instagram. The remaining third primarily comes from the company’s own channels, traditional job portals, and public job banks.

No, there is no commitment. Both the Basic and Pro subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Yes, as a standard, we offer a 30-day free trial period for HiTalento.

No, HiBoost is always €1.000, €1.350, or €1.700.

Everything! Many of the “do-it-yourself” systems are great. But what we sell – and what our wonderful customers hold us to – are results. For us, success means that HiBoost campaigns generate a large number of applicants and as many qualified candidates as possible. In fact, we try to remove the system entirely from the equation so that the conversation can focus on what is most important: hiring faster with our modern talent marketing.

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