Simply recruit

Bye, complicated HR-system!

It’s simple, really. HiTalento is all about recruitment. Fast, easy, and efficient recruitment, without unnecessary features or expensive, complicated systems. We know it’s difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to find the time and the money for traditional, heavy recruitment processes. So, we simply recruit. It’s easier for us, for you and for your future employees. With this simple mindset, we’ve built an easy to use, affordable, and highly efficient global recruitment tool, accessible to everyone involved.

Our mission

We want to give small and medium sized enterprises superpowers in recruitment

At HiTalento we are on a mission to make small and medium sized enterprises excel in recruitment in an easy and accessible way. We want to empower and inspire and give the skills to build a strong and sustainable process around all aspects of recruitment.

What we do

We make our customers stand out in a crowded job market

HiTalento makes it easy to find the right person for every job. We give access to talent, make it easy to apply and ensure that candidates get a convincing impression of your company and culture in your own beautiful career page. Our system is intuitive, easy to use and contains the essentials of recruitment in a few simple steps. We simply attract more candidates to each job.

Why HiTalento?

We are dedicated to help you

Your company’s ability to hire great talent is more important than ever. We are providing you with a technology that will make sure that you are always prepared for your next hire. But just as important, you are getting the support of our team who are dedicated and passionate about our mission of giving you superpowers in recruitment.

The values we live by

We are a people first organization

We live by our values in our services as well as in our organization. Everything we do revolves around the following values:

© Transparency

© Trust

© Tolerance

Frederik Duckert Co-Founder // CEO
Kristijan Thorstensen Co-Founder // Marketing & Product
Mia Bekker Digital Designer
Mads Høimark Digital and Motion Graphics Designer

Meet our team

We are dedicated to an inclusive culture

We want to attract the best candidates to our team regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and physical disability.