Hire with talent marketing

Stop worrying about promoting your positions on relevant platforms and social media – we’ve got you covered.

Aim at the ideal candidates

Get the best candidates without the headache! HiBoost and HiSearch by HiTalento are professional talent marketing solutions that effortlessly attract top talent.

Attract your ideal pool of candidates

Speak the language of your dream candidates and show them why your company is the best fit for them.

Be where your candidates are

We make sure to shoot job postings and love arrows at potential candidates through social media and job boards.

Increase the chance of successful hiring

By being present and visible in the right places for the right candidates, you increase the possibility of finding your ideal new hire.

talent marketing

Be present and noticeable

With social media, you can target the right people with the right message and increase your chances of aiming correctly when finding the perfect candidate!

Staying visible

Have your open positions posted on the job platforms that your candidates frequently visit. It’s all about putting your job openings where your dream candidates are looking!

employer branding - talent marketing
talent marketing

Expand your talent pool

Social media and job platforms can expand your talent pool, giving you more options to choose from. This means you can select the best candidate without having to compromise.

Talent marketing solutions

HiTalento is your new hybrid in recruitment! Everything described above is within reach with our talent marketing solutions; HiBoost and HiSearch. Simply select according to your needs!


Boost your employer brand and reach a wider audience with HiBoost, our specialized talent marketing solution promoting your open positions on all relevant channels!


HiSearch, our search solution, can help you quickly find motivated and qualified candidates for your open positions. Say hi to faster and more efficient recruitment!

Ready to elevate your recruitment?

Say goodbye to complicated recruitment processes and hi to efficiency! HiTalento takes care of all the tedious work so you can focus on what’s important; shortlist, interview, and hire.